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05 November 2013 @ 08:15 am
So what do you guys think about the fast food workers going on strike to demand $15 hr and the right to unionize? Personally, I hope they their demands met. If they do get the raise they have been asking for at least there is more of a chance of our brothers and sisters still in the purple pits to get a better deal as well.

27 August 2013 @ 01:32 pm
It was three years ago tomorrow that I quit F-Off and I'm still smiling!
14 November 2012 @ 05:36 pm
Hi all,

First, a little about my background. I'm an LPC that has been with the company over eight years...before that I operated copiers in a couple of corporate environments for about the same length of time. So I know a little bit about copy work, plus picked up some Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge along the way.

I've been a lurker on this board for a long while--almost as long as I've been working for Kinko's-FedEx office. The last few years I have been actively seeking other related employment, but not having any success. I've re-written my resume more times than I care to count, but have not been able to secure any interviews.

My question: Is having FedEx Office on my resume the job-seeker's equivalent to "box-office poison?"

Would like to share thoughts with others in a similar position to mine, or those of you that have already dug their tunnel and escaped F-Off.
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18 October 2012 @ 02:54 am
I think FedEx is a horrible company to work for. They only care about their profit margins and thats the bottom line. They consistently keep their stores under staffed so they don't have to pay as much. If you work in the evenings better be prepared to stay late. You can plan on being stuck there till everything is done for the morning. You also should be prepared to say Yes We Can to anything a customer might want even if you know it is not humanly possible and you don't have the equipment to do it. They also try to put so much pressure on you that you will be incredibly scared to use little if any sick time. This leads to often going to work sick and spreading sickness to customers.
They also are on a kick of hiring less educated people so they can start them off at lower wages. I think this is very exploitive and cruel. Anyway, I hope this helps some people out there. If anyone had a good experience with FedEx than good for you! Maybe the company is different in other places.
Six months ago, Dallas demanded that we have one store in our district work third shift weekdays and weekends, even though we could not afford the staff to do so. Today, we are closed at 11:00pm on weekdays, and 9:00pm on weekends. I don't understand the change of heart? Last year when we weren't making any money on the weekend thirds, we had to creatively QC jobs on weekends to make it look like we were making money. Now there seems to be a change of heart?

So how many of you still work third shifts 24/7?

No - I am not complaining! Just would like to know if this is going on across the country?
24 August 2012 @ 04:27 am
Okay, so I'm supposed to run the color calibration on the Canon 5051s (we have two) and the Canon 5045 that are digitally accessible. Normally, it's Print calibration page, place it and the grayscale marker on the scan surface, and scan it through the Fiery command workstation.

I've been doing this with no problem for months now. Except tonight, the 5045 does it as it's supposed to, but both 5051s want to scan in through the feeder rather then the scanner surface. Now, I was able to tape the grayscale marker to the calibration page and scan it through the feeder, and it worked fine.

However, I'd prefer to have it back the old way (off of the scanner glass). Any idea how to get it back to that?
12 August 2012 @ 02:48 am
I've already called Tech Support and got a ticket in, but does anyone know if there's anything else I can do when my HP Z6100 color oversize printer refuses to start up? It's got power, but it doesn't boot up. All that shows up on the little screen is a small rectangle (filling roughly the bottom two thirds of the screen).

Nothing else.

And I have color oversize jobs due today before any of the other stores in the area open.

And now it appears to be working again. WTF? Apparently, I had to complain/ask for help here before the vague beings of entropy would allow it to work.

I'm not complaining. Much.
27 July 2012 @ 06:09 am
Two year ago this August I left my part-time job at F-Off for a lower paying job cleaning offices. The cleaning job is boring, mindless, repetitive work but not once in these two years did I ever regret leaving F-Off. In fact, whenever I found myself in any type of crappy situation, I would put it in perspective by telling myself, "It's still better than F-Off."

Last night was my last night at the cleaning job. After 11 years, I can finally get by with just one job. In fact, I've taken advantage of an opportunity at my regular job that results in higher pay and a four day work week!

Quitting F-Off was the first step to a better life. Good luck to all you die-hards still there. I wish you nothing but the best!
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14 July 2012 @ 12:55 am
Okay, the machine in question worked fine last night, but tonight, when I try to print anything to it through the EFI Fiery XF client (well, first from PPA to the EFI) I get an error code at the printer saying "Wrong file format. The printer cannot process the job." with an error code of 61:01.

I have at least two orders for oversize due tomorrow, one at 8 A.M.

Help? (Anyone got any ideas on how to fix the damn thing?)

Edit: It's fixed. See, when the error message says "Wrong file format" I assume something's wrong with the file. The correct error message should have been "You have the paper loaded under the wrong paper code." But that would have been a functional and useful error message, and we can't have that.

(For the record, the paper was loaded when I got here. I assumed that my co-workers were using the new paper codes like we're supposed to, so at least one person here didn't get that info.... or they used a roll with an old code.)
24 June 2012 @ 12:44 am
Was there any sort of warning or notification that Tech Support was going to bring down/upgrade the company internet tonight? (wifi still works though)

I've already had two customers pissed at this and who knows how many e-mails I'll have waiting for me when this ends.
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